The team

These drivers are ready for the 2019 season with JC Raceteknik:

Robin Larsson


Series: Euro RX and RallyX Nordic
Lives: Svenljunga
Age: 26
Debut: Started with folkrace 2007, began rallycross in 2009 in the Supernational category
Merits: Euro RX Supercar Champion in 2015, World RX victory in Argentina in 2016

Mats Öhman


Series: RallyX Nordic
Lives: Tvärån, near Älvsbyn
Age: 53
Debut: Began competing in snow cross in 1977, began rallycross career in 2001.
Merits: Won all there was to win in snow cross in the time he competed, including Swedish and European titles. Has several Swedish overall podiums in rallycross in Supercar and Supernational.
Öhman’s car: As Öhman is 95% paralysed and races a specially-adapted Supercar. The S1’s steering is controlled using the left arm, while throttle, gear change, brake and clutch are operated by the right arm.

Sondre Evjen

Supercar Lites

Age: 21
Lives: Al, Norway
Career: Sondre started competing in Folkrace aged 15, and made his rallycross debut at the first round of the RallyX on Ice championship in Pitea. He continually improved through a full season of RX2 and won the final round in Latvia. This year he is racing in both RX2 and RallyX Nordic and aiming for the title.

Jimmie Walfridson

Supercar Lites

Bor: Torsby
Klubb: MK Ratten
Ålder: 28 år
Kör: RallyX Nordic
Debut: Började köra rally 2008 och gick över till crosskart 2013. 2018 är debutåret i rallycross, som han inledde med full säsong i RallyX on Ice.
Meriter: SM-trea i Supercar Lites samt sjua i RallyX Nordic under debutsäsongen 2018. Norsk mästare 2015, NEZ-silver 2013 och 2016, NEZ-brons 2015 och SM-silver 2014 i crosskartklassen 650cc. I rally tog Walfridson första klassegern 2008 efter endast sex tävlingar. Han slutade tvåa i Supercupen 2010 samt åtta JSM 2011.

Ben-Philip Gundersen

Supercar Lites

Isak Reiersen

Crosskart (JC Raceteknik Juniorteam)

Bor: Torsby, Värmland
Klubb: Östmarks MFF
Ålder: 15 år
Kör: Crosskart i klassen Xtreme under RallyX Nordic och delar av Supercupen.
Meriter: SM-guld i crosskartklassen 250cc 2018. SM-silver och SM-guld 125cc 2017 respektive 2016. Cupseger i 85cc 2014

Alex Gustafsson

Crosskart (JC Raceteknik Juniorteam)

Bor: Gunnarskog/Arvika, Värmland
Klubb: MK Team Westom
Ålder: 12 år
Kör: Crosskart i klassen Speedcar Xtreme Junior
Meriter: Började tävla i crosskart som sexåring i klassen Mini. Har därefter tävlat i 85cc, och även en SM-säsong i 125cc.

Joel Christoffersson

Team principal

Age: 27
Live: Kil, Värmland
Carrer: JC Raceteknik is run by experienced engineer Joel Christoffersson who has worked in rallycross for much for his life and for some of the biggest names in the business, including Kenneth Hansen, Liam Doran, Travis Pastrana and Ken Block. Christoffersson has been involved in victories and championships around the world. In 2016, JC Raceteknik won the RallyX Nordic Supercar Lites Championship and finished second in the FIA World Rallycross Championship supporting RX2 Championship.

Supercar Lites

Acceleration: 0-100 km/h on 3,5 seconds
Power: 320 bhp
Engine: Four cylinders, 16 valves. Naturally aspired Duratec block 2400cc.
Transmission: 6 speed sequential
Brakes: ALCON 330
Suspension: Öhlins TTX

Audi S1 Supercar