Crosskart: Bronze for Per Bjornson in Tomelilla

This year's second competition in the Swedish Crosskart Championship has just finished in Tomelilla. Our crosskart driver Per Björnson took a bronze medal in the class 650 cc. The boys in JC Raceteknik Juniorteam, Isak Reiersen and Alex Gustafsson, did a great competition as well – but unfortunately both had to retire in the A-final.

650 cc
1. Andreas Carlsson
2. Jimmie Walfridson
3. Per Björnsson
4. Viktor Andersson
5. Johan Fransson

125 cc
1. Robin Tjetjens
2. Sebastian Enholm
3. Sindre S. TrøYterud
4. Martin Enlund
5. Noel Eliasson
8. Isak Reiersen

85 cc
1. Karl Peder Nordstrand
2. Patrik Hallberg
3. Lukas Andersson
4. Jonathan Rådström
5. Isac Nordbeck
9. Alex Gustafsson

Photo: The first poduim photo is taken by Anders Ekström.