Evjen, Gehrman and Walfridson set for RallyX 2022 assault with JC Raceteknik

Norwegian driver Sondre Evjen and Swedish racer Philip Gehrman will race Audi S1s in the headline RallyX Supercar category in 2022 with JC Raceteknik, while Swede Jimmie Walfridson will compete in Supercar Lites.
Following the presentation of the JC Raceteknik Juniorteam line-up for 2022 on Tuesday, the Joel Christoffersson-owned team now reveals the second part of its full RallyX roster in the Supercar and Supercar Lites division.
Evjen is no stranger to the JC team, having raced with the Kil-based squad since 2016. Last year he raced an Audi S1 Supercar and finished third in the championship standings. He embarks on the 2022 season seeking another overall championship medal. Meanwhile, Swede Philip Gehrman is a new driver to the JC stable. A successful rallycross TouringCar driver, Gehrman has also finished third overall in the Swedish Rallycross Supercar Championship. Last season he raced in the final RallyX round with a JC Audi and immediately showed strong pace. For 2022 he is embarking on a full campaign with the team. 
In Supercar Lites, Swede Jimmie Walfridsson is preparing for a full season in the single-make category, following a sabbatical year during the Covid-19 pandemic, and is looking to build on his previously accrued Swedish Rallycross Championship medals with JC Raceteknik.
RallyX 2022 is run over seven rounds in four weekends, at Holjes (Sweden), Kouvola (Finland), Riga (Latvia) and Strangnas (Sweden). The first two rounds take place at Holjes on May 14-15.
Joel Christoffersson, JC Raceteknik Team Principal:
“This year RallyX will be our main focus with the internal combustion engine cars and we have a very strong line-up with four Supercars and one driver in Supercar Lites. We have an exciting season ahead of us, with the goal of taking home championship medals. In Supercar, we continue the collaboration with Sondre [Evjen] and we aim high in terms of results, and we will start better prepared than ever.
Philip [Gehrman] drove a race with the Audi last year, so this year we’re developing that collaboration further and investing in a full season in RallyX together. He’s done well in rallycross before, and we saw in Arvika that he is really fast in this car, so we look forward to having him in the team and seeing what he can achieve.
Jimmie [Walfridson] has had a brief sabbatical from rallycross, but is now back and we are ready to continue pushing to make the absolute best of the season. Jimmie is hungry for good results too. The whole team is really motivated for the season, and is looking forward to the first round in Holjes.”
Philip Gehrman (SWE), Supercar:
"It feels like I will have a genuine chance to show what I am capable of this year, so the feeling before the season is really good. Of course anything can happen in rallycross, but you cannot have much better conditions than this. Joel [Christoffersson] has full control of what he does and JC does, after all, it is a World Championship winning team. At the same time, the Audi is a durable and fast car, built to win championships. It’s one of the best rallycross cars in my opinion, so it will be a lot of fun to drive with JC this year.
Last year it was basically World Championship level in RallyX, so the competition is likely to be fierce again this year. But I know as a driver I have the capacity to get on the podium in events and hopefully also secure a medal in the championship. Although a lot is new, I go into this with high hopes, the event in Arvika last year gave us a good taste of what’s possible. So, I’m very grateful to be able to start in Supercar this year, also considering everything that has happened in the world in recent years. So I must say a big thank you to all of my loyal partners.”
Sondre Evjen (NOR), Supercar:
"This season will be really fun. We have a good base with us from last year, both in the setup of the car and for me as a driver. We will build on that to raise the level further. The competition is always tough in RallyX and I’m sure that there will be many exciting battles on track.
Last year we had good peaks, with fast times and good pace. But, some inexperience meant that we eventually lost second place in the championship by only one point. Both Johan [Kristoffersson] and Fraser [McConnell] were really fast, but I really wanted to take second place. So the goal this year is to score a better result in the championship and win events, of course.”
Jimmie Walfridson (SWE), Supercar Lites:
“It will be great to get started again and I look forward to collaborating with JC Raceteknik once again this year. I’ve had a short break during the pandemic, and really missed competing. This break has made me very motivated and my goal during the season is of course to try to reach the podium in events. There are four great tracks in RallyX this year. Holjes is always Holjes, so starting the season at home feels good for us. I’ve competed in Riga before and in Kouvola I came second in 2018. Strangnas is new for me, I’ve only tested there before, so it will be exciting to end the season on a completely new circuit.”