Gundersen P4 in the second round of RallyX on Ice

The second round of RallyX on Ice, on the oval track in Åre, is over. All JC Raceteknik drivers had really great pace during the qualifying rounds, but despite that we didn’t make it all the way this time.

Ben-Philip Gundersen was on fire straight from the beginning scoring a fastest time on the warm up, and P1, P3 and P1 in the qualifying rounds. He qualified to the final, where he ended on fourth place.

Sondre Evjen started the day with two difficult qualifyings, struggling a bit in the traffic. But in the third one he showed his pace and took a race win. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough, and he ended on fifth place in the semi final.

Pontus Tidemand took a P2 in the first qualifying, and after two race incidents (one resulting in a puncture) he ended on a P2 and P3. In the semi final he finished on fourth place and therefore was the first driver outside the final.

In the championship standings JC Raceteknik are P5, P6 and P7. We got one more race to go  – and we will come back strong and fight for the podium.

Championship standings

1. Sebastian Eriksson 57 p
2. Kevin Eriksson 56 p
3. Oliver Eriksson 55 p
4. Petter Leirhol 45 p
5. Pontus Tidemand 42 p
6. Sondre Evjen 39 p
7. Ben-Philip Gundersen 37 p