Isak Reiersen won in Holjes – despite all problems

This weekend the first round of Swedish Crosskart Championship and NEZ took place in Holjes. JC Raceteknik had three drivers there: Isak Reiersen, who finished on a honorable first place in 125 cc. Alex Gustafsson also impressed with his tenth place in 85 cc. Per Björnson had a weekend with lots of problems, resulting in a seventh place.​

Results SM / NEZ: Holjes

650 cc
1. Andreas Carlsson
2. Even Heggelund
3. Kim Lorentzen
4. Mattias Andersson
5. Mads Panik
7. Per Björnson

125 cc
1. Isak Reiersen
2. Robin Tietjens
3. Jimi Kalliomäki
4. Sindre S. Trøyterud
5. Sebastian Enholm

85 cc
1. Karl Peder Nordstrand
2. Jonathan Rådström
3. Alex Lindeqvist
4. Erik Andersson
5. Elias Nilsson
10. Alex Gustafsson

Foto: Christian Gustafsson