JC Raceteknik to chase titles in RallyX Nordic Tierp finale

JC Raceteknik heads to the final round of RallyX Nordic at the brand-new Tierp circuit near Stockholm in contention for a trio of championship titles (October 6-7).

Although the reigning RallyX Nordic Supercar and Supercar Lites champions realistically hold only an outside chance of retaining either crown, it is still mathematically possible to win both if the team’s title-rivals run into difficulties, while Swede William Nilsson is right in contention for the Swedish Championship title in the Supercars Lites category.
2017 RallyX Nordic Supercar Champion Thomas Bryntesson had hopes of defending his title dashed by a freak issue in the penultimate round when a small stone got stuck in the throttle mechanism of the 600 horsepower, four-wheel drive Ford Fiesta, meaning he failed to start the semi-finals and dropped back in the standings. Currently third, two places ahead of team mate Ola Froshaug, Bryntesson is targeting an event win in the first ever event held at Teirp and will capitalise if either of his title rivals run into problems.
In Supercar Lites, former FIA European Rallycross Champion Ben-Philip Gundersen is second in the points in his first season in the single-make machines, and also holds an outside chance of claiming the title. His team mates, reigning champion Nilsson and Norwegian Sondre Evjen are locked in battle for third in the points, but need to keep one eye over their shoulders for another JC Raceteknik driver, Marcus Hoglund, who could also claim an overall podium, and also joins Nilsson in the fight for the Swedish Supercar Lites crown.
The RX Academy also joins RallyX Nordic at Tierp, where JC Raceteknik Junior Team driver Isak Reiersen is targeting his first podium of the season, in his first year racing in rallycross.
Joel Christoffersson: Team Principal:
"It has been a solid season for us in RallyX Nordic. We've been a little out of luck in Supercar but we are still third and fifth. In Supercar Lites we have several drivers fighting at the top which is really good. It will be difficult to bring home the title, but we will give it our all, as we always do. William is also second in the Swedish Championship so we will go to Tierp to fight for victory with him. We had a media day at the arena circuit two weeks ago but this will be the first race at the track. It’s a very nice facility with a new rallycross circuit that offers both speed and several jumps. We’re looking forward to finishing the Nordic season there.”
Supercar: Thomas Bryntesson (NOR) :
"It would be nice to finish the season with a victory. I’ve had good speed through the year but I’ve just not had the luck. That’s how it is sometimes. After what happened in Kouvola, where I lost so many points, the only way I can win the championship is if something happens to the other guys. I’m third in the points and the target is to fight for the win at Tierp, then after the race we can see how we are for championship points.”
Supercar Lites: Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) :
"I think I had good pace at Tierp in the press day, so I hope everything goes as well at the first event there. The track is very fast but has a nice mix of gravel, which I really like and I think will suit me. In terms of performance my first season in Supercar Lites has exceeded my expectations in RallyX Nordic. Mathematically I have the chance to win the championship, but realistically that will be difficult. Getting second in the championship would be amazing.”
Supercar Lites: William Nilsson (NOR) :
"I've had a tough season in RallyX Nordic but despite that, I'm third in the points and second in the Swedish Championship, which does feel good. The goal is to defend my position in RallyX Nordic and to win the Swedish Championship. There’s a lot to fight for at Tierp but I can do nothing else but drive the car as fast as I can and focus on having a good rhythm. We had a good test there recently and it’s a cool venue and a fast track that will offer a lot of action I think.”
Supercar Lites: Sondre Evjen (NOR) :
"Of course my target is to win the event and to collect as many points as I can. I want to finish third in the championship and I will fight hard for that. Overall the season has been okay but there have been a number of different problems on various sides and I hope we can finish season with a championship medal.”

RallyX Nordic

1. Oliver Solberg 122 p
2. Oliver Eriksson 116 p
3. Thomas Bryntesson 110 p
4. Peter Hedström 86 p
5. Ola Frøshaug 84 p

Supercar Lites:
1. Guillaume De Ridder 127 p
2. Ben-Philip Gundersen 110 p
3. William Nilsson 85 p
4. Sondre Evjen 84 p

6. Marcus Höglund 71 p
7. Jimmie Walfridson 65 p
10. Jonathan Walfridsson 47 p

Swedish Championship

Supercar Lites:
1. Linus Östlund 34 p
2. William Nilsson 33 p
3. Marcus Höglund 28 p
4. Jimmie Walfridson 24 p

5. Simon Olofsson 24 p
6. Jonathan Walfridsson 17 p