JC Raceteknik expands to two-car World RX assault as KYB Team JC with Janis Baumanis and Robin Larsson.

Together with title partner KYB, JC Raceteknik will enter a huge new venture in international rallycross in 2020. The Swedish squad, competing under the KYB Team JC banner, will challenge for both the Drivers’ and Teams’ titles in the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

With Swede Robin Larsson already signed to the squad, Latvian driver Janis Baumanis also joins the team in a second latest-specification Audi S1 Supercar.
With the 2020 FIA World Rallycross Championship line-up already announced, KYB Team JC’s confirmation as a permanent entry comes thanks to approval from each of the other teams in World RX.
Together with EKS and KYB, the team will continue development of top-level rallycross shock absorbers, continuing the technical collaboration between JC Raceteknik and EKS that started last year.
JC Raceteknik and Robin Larsson won both the FIA ​​European Rallycross Championship and RallyX Nordic title last season, while Janis Baumanis, who has four World RX seasons in his locker, will join the Swede for form a formidable line-up.
Joel Christoffersson, KYB Team JC Team Principal:
“Being able to start with two drivers in the World Championship feels fantastic, this has long been a dream for me. Thanks to KYB we will start as KYB Team JC and we will continue our technical collaboration with EKS. This investment is a good opportunity for all parties that allows us to develop together. This will be brilliant for the whole team, and benefit our Euro RX drivers too.
It’s thanks to the approval of all of the other teams in World RX we were allowed to enter both Janis as driver and KYB Team JC as permanent entries, and we are grateful for that. I think Robin and Janis will be a strong duo. With Robin we had a very successful season last year and he comes with good experience in the Audi. Janis is new to us, but he is a fast driver with previous experience of World RX. I think both will benefit from each other and together push forward to improve. We aim to fight for a podium in both the Teams’ and Drivers’ championships.”
World RX: Janis Baumanis (LVA):
“I’m excited for a new season with a whole new team. JC Raceteknik and Robin showed last year that they had a good pace in Euro RX, so this year I think we will be even stronger with two good cars in World RX. I can’t wait to get into the latest spec EKS Audi with the latest shock absorbers from KYB. Robin definitely knows the car better than me, but hopefully I can be near his pace as soon as possible.
My previous seasons in World RX have been pretty tough. After four years driving a Ford I’m very excited to change to Audi, it will be a big step that will be quite challenging for me. During the first races there will of course be a bit more focus on the learning process in the new car, but then the goal will be to start from the front of the semi-finals. Of course, the dream is to win. I know it will be difficult, but with fast cars and a good team, there is always the opportunity to make it happen.
Covid-19 obviously makes it more difficult to prepare for the first event, it is having a huge impact on everyone’s lives. I want everyone to take good care of themselves and listen to the safety directives, and hope we can compete as soon as possible. I look forward to being able to start testing and comparing lap times with Robin."
World RX: Robin Larsson (SWE):
“It’s great for JC Raceteknik to enter World RX with a two-car team. We will get support from EKS and with two Audis on the track being able to compare data, it’s positive for everyone. Not only will we be racing for ourselves, but there’s the teams’ championship to fight for too. There are six good teams, but if we take care of ourselves we should be in a position to fight for an overall podium. It will be exciting to see how Janis and I work as a team. Just like me, Janis has had a tough time in the World RX, so we are both pumped to get started with these really good cars.
Last year, both JC Raceteknik and I had our best seasons ever, so going to World RX together with will be extra enjoyable. Of course, there will be tough competition with many fast drivers, but that is why we do rallycross. During the first races, we will be able to see how we stand up against the other teams. It would be nice to have good results right away and be able to participate in the championship, I’m sure there are going to be many wonderful fights.”