Tidemand klar för RallyX on Ice 2019 med JC Raceteknik

Pontus Tidemand to contest RallyX on Ice with JC Raceteknik

Pontus Tidemand will race for JC Raceteknik at RallyX on Ice in Åre. The World Rally star will drive all three rounds on 18, 20 and 23 March.

Pontus Tidemand:
"This will be great fun! When Joel called and asked if I was interested in being a guest driver for RallyX on Ice, I was not slow to answer. I have no expectations for the result, and know there will be tough competition from many established drivers. At the same time, I also know that everything changes as soon as you put the helmet on. But, I really see it as a bit of fun alongside my rally programme. Thank you so much to JC Raceteknik and Helmia for giving me this chance."

Joel Christoffersson:
"That such an experienced and good driver as Pontus will drive in rallycross at Åre together with JC Raceteknik will be really fun. It will be an exciting week. We believe Pontus can contribute to our other drivers with his experience, and they can help him get up to speed quickly in the Supercar Lites car. It's going to be a lot of fun for all of us."

Photo: @world