JC Racetekniks Sondre Evjen slutade tvåa under den första deltävlingen av RallyX on Ice

Sondre Evjen second in the first round of RallyX on Ice

JC Raceteknik driver Evjen took a silver medal for the team. Tidemand did a great debut, while Gundersen retired in the semi final. After today we are second and third in the championship.

It was really bad weather conditions when the first round of RallyX on Ice took place on Lake Åre, and due to the wind the third qualifying was cancelled. Sondre Evjen struggled a little bit during the qualifying rounds, making a P3 and P4, and started from the back row in the semi final. But after a great start he managed to win the semi, and bring the great pace into the final where he finished second.

Pontus Tidemand did a great Supercar Lites debut. He showed good pace from the beginning, and managed to win Q2 despite two joker laps. In the semi final he was involved in a race incident and got stuck in a snowbank, the heat was red flagged. In the rerun he ended on second place, and qualified to the final. In the final he got problems with steam on the windshield, and ended on P5.

Ben-Philip Gundersen did some really good starts during the day. In Q2 he spun and lost a lot of time, making him start from the third row in the semi final.There he made a mistake due to the bad weather and poor visibility, and ended in a snowbank.

The two final rounds take place in Åre on Wednesday and Saturday.

Championship standings

1. Sebastian Eriksson 28 p
2. Pontus Tidemand 24 p
3. Sondre Evjen 23 p
4. Petter Leirhol 22 p
5. Kevin Eriksson 19 p

12. Ben-Philip Gundersen 9 p