Jonathan Walfridsson och Jimmie Walfridson klara för RallyX Nordic

The cousins ​​Jimmie and Jonathan are ready for RallyX Nordic

Say hello to the Swedish cousins: Jimmie Walfridson and Jonathan Walfridsson! The guys joined JC Raceteknik earlier this winter during RallyX on Ice, and will continue with a full season in RallyX Nordic. For Jonathan Walfridsson this will be his fourth year in a Supercar Lites car, while it’s Jimmie Walfridson’s debut year in rallycross.

Jimmie Walfridson:
"I'm looking forward to the season and it's going to be very special to drive a rallycross car on the Höljes track. My goal of the first competition is to collect as much experience as possible. It would have been nice to drive the semi final, but when I’m on the track I know I’m always aiming for the highest results."

Jonathan Walfridsson:
"I'm excited for a new season, and it would be fun to be up to fight in the top. This will be my fourth year in rallycross and the goal is to stay in top four. During the first competition in Höljes I’m aiming to be the top three in the semi finals, qualify to the final and hopefully then finish on the podium in front of the home crowd."